We support clients who are in the process of integrating and developing their supply functions, i.e. new product development; planning; procurement; production and distribution, to drive greater value and customer benefit.

As such we can support the needs of most Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industries, e.g. food and beverage, pharmaceutical, household goods, personal care, etc. particularly those aiming to integrate, globalise and harmonise their multinational approach to supply chain management.

We take a deeply personal approach. We strongly believe that to support your resourcing needs requires us to have considerable skill and a deep knowledge of your business and clear insight into your demands of the role. We would work with your leadership to build a deep understanding of the role and its environment.

With the knowledge acquired in the Supply Chain industry by our CEO, Mike Short and our senior staff, we are able to help you to crystallise and define the nature of person and the skills needed for the role. We then define the specification as precisely as possible, with sufficient clarity for our researchers to home in quickly on potential talent in a way that is both focussed and efficient.

The skills and knowledge of our researchers, gained through many years of executive and managerial search, though business mapping and through access to an extensive array of talented people, enable a short list to be established quickly.

We select, follow up discretely and engage sensitively the few candidates with the most potential, in order to assess suitability and to encourage follow up if the fit appears positive.