Our Mission, Philosophy and Principles

Our Mission

  • The sound establishment of a globally networked headhunting, recruiting and career mentoring enterprise of choice that focuses on C-Suite and Senior Executive placement in the UK, Africa and Central Europe.
  • Engaged in bringing together consistently high quality and well suited staff to challenging roles that align with their expertise, experience, culture and style.
  • We engage in roles from Management to Executive Suite across the disciplines of Supply Chain, encompassing Procurement, Manufacturing, Technical Stewardship/Quality Management, Distribution, HR and Finance.
  • We achieve our aim through deep understanding and recognition of the client’s company culture and specific needs; by efficient search and engagement processes that build on an extensive network, enabling fast creation of a select dossier of potential candidates of demonstrable high calibre and integrity.

Our Philosophy

  • Our services are well recognised and contribute at all times to building a strong reputation.
  • We treat our clients with respect and aspire to cultivate enduring relationships
  • We treat candidates with respect, aiming to support their aspirations constructively and openly
  • We work with honourable, trustworthy and reliable associates.
  • We employ high quality staff and treat them with respect and dignity, building loyalty and trust.
  • We build governance systems that assure the integrity of our operations and protect both our and our clients’ interests.
  • We build a substantial and cherished client base respecting confidentiality and the need for discretion
  • We build our business through honest and fair means, without resort to deceit, bribery or corruption

Our Principles

  • We recommend only whom we would employ;
  • We stay lean and focussed with restrained overheads;
  • Our fees are reasonable but reflect the intensity of our effort;
  • We are discrete and respect confidentiality;
  • We strive to be ethical, open and transparent in all our dealings.