PepperFounder and Executive Director, Prague Leadership Institute
Mike Short is, without question, one of the most holistic leaders I have had the pleasure to know. His ability to read situations 3-Dimensionally is a trademark. What truly sets him apart, though, is his ability to bring all the relevant pieces together—people, products, processes, environment, etc.—to create a win-win outcome, and one that encourages growth, and the further pursuit of excellence. He’s not a zero-sum thinker, and if Mike is involved in a project, one can rest assured it will be done and it will exceed expectations.
SueRegional Managing Director, Europe
You leave a lasting legacy across Supply Chain, Commercial and Corporate Affairs, across countries and spanning continents. There are so many people within the business including myself who feel privileged to have worked with you and learned from you.
ElaineDirector Public Affairs, Europe
Through Mike’s leadership and approach I really learned about what kind of leader I wanted to be. His passion is contagious and he never ceases to stop learning or improving how we can do things better, faster or just simply raising our game.
TomMarketing Director, Europe
You embody the spirit that makes our company unique. I always describe it as the combination of a high performance drive with a big heart and a high sense of ethics. I leant from your example.
RobinCEO, Efes
Your disciplined approach to business certainly made you one of the most effective leaders I have worked with.
EdDirector Manufacturing Development
You are one of those who have shaped the company into what it is today. Clearly you have had on impact on many people over the years and left a strong legacy through them.
SimonDirector Brewing
Thank to you for your support, contribution and input of many years, from the foundation of the Supply Chain function on all the way through to where we are today.
GavinTechnical Director, East Africa
He was a role model for many of us. I am sure many of our Exec managers will vouch that Mike’s leadership style was very easy to work under and we felt very proud working under a leader of his calibre. He taught us to work smart!
GrantMD, Colombia
I believe that leaders need to set purposeful targets, be inspirational, caring and organised and you certainly ticked all of those boxes!
KristinVP Industry Affairs
Your approach to people really transformed your team for the better