Who we are

We are a boutique Executive Resourcing Company that specialises in senior Supply Chain executive search and recruitment.

We owe our ability to engage closely with our clients to the experience we have gained over many years leading and managing supply chain enhancement projects in global industry, including overall supply chain integration and optimisation, as well as leadership of the functions that comprise supply chain, i.e. Procurement Manufacturing, Distribution and Planning, and those functions that support supply chain excellence. Success in these roles has demanded the recruitment of high potential and talented individuals and the formation of effective and focussed teams.

Mentys brings leadership experience and technical competence, gained through working in global industry on supply chain optimisation and, with it, the knowledge of supply chain roles and the type of incumbents that supply chain enhancement requires.

Our Associates specialise in company mapping and talent pool research, with specific experience in Africa and Europe. We work together through offices in London, Johannesburg and Nairobi. The approach to industry and talent mapping is unique and comprehensive and enables us to define precisely the role and nature of incumbent, focus the search through use of our research data base, then locate and engage potential candidates quickly and effectively.

The combination of the in house knowledge of the complexities of supply chain integration, enhancement and globalisation and the excellent talent research and search credentials brought by our Associate enable us to provide a comprehensive service related to executive talent search.